I finally found the time to update my application, since iOS 10 came out. This latest version, which is 1.3, is already up on the AppStore.

One of the greatest features of iOS 10 is the opening of Siri to developers. The things you can program Siri to answer to are still limited but I was willing to experiment them a little. So I managed to use Siri’s abilities to let the user start a gameplay modality just with its voice. My “programmed” phrases, that are consequentially recognised by Siri, fall in the domain of workouts and fitness. Examples are: “I want to play with FasterApp”; ”Start a Free mode workout with FasterApp”; “I want to run on Arcade mode with FasterApp”; “Let’s take a run on a Personal track with FasterApp”. I hope to get these things working better in the next updates.

In addition to iOS 10 support and the integration with Siri, version 1.3 of FasterApp features a new button to change the view during the gameplay. With this, you can switch between two angles of sight on the map you are playing, allowing you to better orient yourself. Finally, I made minor improvements to the user experience adding sounds, animations and better graphics.