FasterApp, the ultimate fitness game.
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FasterApp is the first mobile application I developed. It was born as a university exam's project but then I continued to update it and integrate with new features. It is current available for Android and iOS devices.
It is a very simple game to let the people do some movement with some kind of objective. The idea developed is to put some virtual checkpoints on a map and let the user run through them in the minimum time it can. There are different modalities to play, as well as distance, time and burned calories tracking. So, FasterApp it can be seen both as a game and a fitness app.


I am working on it. Hopefully, it will be available in the next months. In the meantime check this link.

ASD Forest Park Crew membership registration

ASD Forest Park Crew, the association who manages the skatepark of Tarvisio, wanted to get rid of the traditional membership card made of paper. So, I realized a small webpage where a user can registrate himself, pay the social quote with his personal PayPal account, and then get his digital membership card in PDF format. You can check the webapp here.