FasterApp, the website and their contents are exclusively owned by the author. The reproduction, the edit, the republishing and the transmission are forbidden without the explicit approval of the author. Only the personal usage is approved.

The user who reads this terms understands and agrees that the author takes no responsibility for any kind of damage, direct or indirect, material or not material, deriving from the usage or not usage of the application.

The author takes NO responsibility of the decisions that the user make, neither of their consequences, while using the ideas and guidances contained in this application. The author recommend to play in an open and wide area, far from possible dangers.

The user’s health data, obtained with and without “Health” app, are the minimum necessary and they are obtained after an explicit agreement. FasterApp does not save, not publish, not edit and not make an improper usage of the user’s data. The fitness progress data calculated by the app are approximations and their accuracy is not exact.

The user that does not agree with this terms, MUST NOT use FasterApp.